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Total Stranger

So the other day, I took the bus to the mall.

Just like any other day that I’m bored lol

While I was at the terminal.. I sat down next to a random stranger who I have never met before ever.

We sat and talked for a while. She told me that she went to the same college I went to. She told me about her kids..

Then she started talking to me about how I put myself down. And how she just knows that I do that by only looking at me.

I guess it’s the way I carry myself.

The advice she gave me almost brought me to tears. In fucking public!

“Don’t let anyone bring you down. You’re better then this. You can do anything you want to in life. I know you can. If I can do this so can you. Next time I see you, I know you’re going to do great. I know I’m just a stranger to you but everything will fall into place. Just be yourself and don’t let anyone bring you down”.


It really sucks when you start missing someone.

It’s like.. You’re talking to them at the current moment. Then you remember you can’t actually be with them right now. You miss it.. Wishing you could be there now. Like right now 😦

I know this is supposed to get easier but it really isn’t. It’s actually getting harder each day that I’m without him. This is so friggin bad. I’m falling way too hard lol

I might just break down but I’m really trying to stay positive at the moment. Because if I don’t… All hell will break loose. And no one wants that. Especially me. I’m trying to keep it together. Anxiety usually wins though. It’s not easy.