So apparently having sex with your boyfriend means you’re a slut. 

I’ve been with 1 guy. 

Sorry that you randomly sucked some guys off and let a guy who was in a relationship screw your ass πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ 

And your underage but I’m the slut?

How many relationships have you been in that lasted over 6 months? 


But sure hate on my relationship of over a year because you’re a hoe and you’ve decided to project. 

Have fun telling your future 2 month long boyfriend that you’re a slut. No one wants used goods πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚



Just love how strangers from another country say I’m a murderer and I’m going to hell for protecting myself. 

I’m not having kids and it’s my choice to abort. 

Thanks for wishing I was infertile. That’s what I want. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ 

And telling me to use condoms and have safe sex, or only have sex when you’re married is stupid. 

I’m on the 3 month shot. 

I’m not religious and telling me I’m sinning won’t change my mind. 

A fetus will never come to term in my body. I’m not a vessel for crotch goblins. 

“Oh you’ll change your mind”

No I won’t. Just because you like kids and want them doesn’t mean I have to. 

Ouch πŸ˜•

I got my Depo Provera shot today.Β I forgot how much it hurts!Β They honestly inject it into the muscle. It feels like I’ve pulled a muscle and worked out for 8 hours straight.Β 

Why must preventing unwanted kids be so painful??

Side note, why do the people I live with feel the need to tell me that I should be using condoms because they don’t believe in abortion πŸ€”

Hahahhaha it’s my body and zero kids are coming out of it. So if I choose to not use the condoms you throw at me that’s my choice. My partner and I are clean and only with each other sexually.

So we don’t need them or want them but somehow you feel the need to tell me to use them because “I don’t need kids right now”.

Well zero kids will happen ever.


Sorry you’re heavily religious family is against my pro choice beliefs. Bye bye, pro birth supporters.


Before I met him I didn’t know what love felt like. 

Yea we’re together but I’m not seeing him for a week and a half and it sucks. 

I love him so much.